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Friday, February 27, 2015

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Career : Station Manager For Radio



One of our Radio Stations in Lampung, need you to fulfill the position:



-  Male/Female, min. 31 years old

- Min. Diploma degree in any major

- Experienced in similar position min. 5 years in Radio Station

-  Have excellent knowledge of the radio production industry

- Good Leadership

- Pleasant and excellent personality

-  Willing to travel out of town and willing to be placed in Lampung


Please submit your CV, recent photograph, email to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(max.200Kb and put the position you applied as an email subject)



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2:18-- G_2741: ga ada respon >>emooo teriakkkk arrggghhhh....emoo>> mangappp 8)
9:59-- G_8060: testtt
14:47-- G_5969: «link»
4:54-- G_9062: :P :P ;)
5:34-- G_5604: hey
11:21-- G_5701: «link»
4:06-- G_5057: gmana ya cara streaming di situs ini?? ada yg tau ga?
2:37-- G_4940: hallooo
2:38-- G_4940: minta dipasangin widget nya ya..
2:38-- G_4940: minta dipasangin widget nya ya..
2:48-- G_6342: kok radionya gak bisa streaming?
5:12-- G_3829: radionya kok gak bisa streaming ki py????????
14:36-- G_3026: mmm
14:36-- G_3026: podo
16:43-- G_3533: kak lagunya aishiteru 3 yang dangdut itu yang nyanyi siapa yaa
4:27-- G_4957: gk tau saya juga itu siapa ... «link» «link» «link»
2:41-- G_6416: «link»
3:30-- G_6416: «link»

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